Nursery Organization

Okay, admittedly we still have a ton to learn. We don’t know all of the things babies and new mommies and daddies need. We don’t know the best way to store them or stash them or have them handy dandy. But we sure as heck cannot wait to learn.

In the meanwhile, we’ve worked out some ideas thanks to Ikea to help with organization and extra storage. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I geek out on that sort of thing and definitely like things to have their place. I can enjoy it while it lasts, can’t I? I know everything is about to change…

Until then, here are a few of the awesome Ikea nursery items we purchased, their prices and links. We’re really pleased with how inexpensively we were able to organize the nursery!

Skubb Drawer Organizers {Set of 6}


Gulliver White Change Table


Kusiner Teal and Green Collapsable Storage Baskets


Algot Closet Storage


Skubb Hanging Closet Storage


We also borrowed an idea from our friends Kyle and Leah over at A Rohrblog for organizing our books {and it adds that pop of color that Jason so ingeniously recommended}. My amazing mother, Liam’s Nana, spent days painting and repainting these with Behr 730B-7 “Yellow Flash.” She’s a superstar. And, as you can see, we have PLENTY of space for more books. Wink wink.

Bekvam Spice Rack


So that’s it. And just for fun…here are a few of the ADORABLE outfits we plan on adorning little Liam in! It’s so fun to start to get his little wardrobe ready and to picture his chubby little arms and legs filling it out! Come back tomorrow for the best part of all…”The Wall.” I cannot wait to show you what we did!

{You can click on the outfits to enlarge the photos}