How Much


I started to try and type this post on Facebook and quickly realized that what is on my heart is longer than what I can fit in a post. And then I remembered my old familiar friend: mcmiracle. Life has been so crazy that I’ve not had time to get on here {as much as I’d like} and share my heart {like I used to so often back in the good old days}. In reality, I’m still living the good old {crazy} days. I’ve got a 17 month old walking and talking and stealing my heart every day. I’ve got a {full time?} Origami Owl business that is rocking and rolling. And I’ve got my hubsters and best friend here with me in the eye of this craze-storm.

But I miss writing. On here. To y’all.

So tonight I’m on here to do just that. My head is buzzing with excitement because I just came from a meeting with six of my team members. Caveat: I’m not going to try and sell you anything. Or ask you to join my team. Or build a pyramid with me. Or donate your blood or drink Kool-Aid. It’s safe to read on.Β 

I’m just really humbled and blown away by the women that I’m getting to work with on this team. These women are funny, and bright, and creative, and engaging, and loving, and kind, and passionate, and goofy, and selfless, and humble, and confident, and adventurous. I learn from them. I love being around them. I am energized by them.

When I sit with my team {whether in person like tonight or all on the phone for our calls}, I have these moments where it feels like every experience, training, job and relationship I’ve had in the past has led to that very moment. I see skills from teaching, coaching, sports, admin jobs, customer service jobs, creativity and marketing—it’s like they’ve all converged in one place at one time.

“Your journey has molded you…and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.”

-Asha Tyson

I’m seeing women do things they never thought they could do. I’m watching them pursue areas outside of their comfort zone. Talking to people they’d never talk to. Going to events they’d never go to. Opening doors of opportunity they never knew existed. I’m watching them coach and train and lead one another. I’m watching them share and learn and grow together. I’m seeing them help one another {with no direct benefit in return}. I’m seeing them laugh and share stories and create new memories together.

I get emotional when I type this: there were seasons of my life in the last 10 years when I didn’t know who I was or what I was meant to do or if I’d ever have an impact on anyone else on this planet. I really struggled to find what I loved to do. In it all, God has been faithful to me. He has stayed with me. He has worked for HIS good and my joy. He’s trained me and equipped me. While Origami Owl is not the be all/end all of who I am as a human, it is a perfect match for me. This job and this opportunity and mentoring and leading and sharing and going and doing—this fits me like a glove.

And I am filled to overflowing. My cup literally runneth over. And I needed to share to give glory to God and to publicly thank Him for allowing me this incredible privilege and opportunity to mentor and work with these women.

Thank you, Lord.

WA TEN Mtg 8:6:14


2 thoughts on “How Much

  1. Shelly & Keith Cardish

    There is a reason that Jesus wanted us to be in “community” with one another. I think it’s because where two or more gather together, the Force is with us. Glad to see you writing here again, Kate, even though I follow you on FB – it’s nice to spend some quiet time reading your blog.
    Love and hugs from NY

    1. Thanks, Shelly! The presence of the Holy Spirit is such a gift.πŸ™‚ Nice to “see” you too. You are always such an encourager!

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