Happy 1 Year Due Date Day!

Yesterday we celebrated what would have been Liam’s One Year Birthday, or his “due date day.” He actually turned one on March 2nd, but it was really fun to celebrate yesterday with some of our friends and family that prayed us through!

I know so many of you are included in that category but are far away, so I wanted to send you pictures and “invite” you into the party to celebrate with us. With each milestone in Liam’s life we are reminded just how blessed we are that he is here with us, that he is doing so well, and that we have a son!

Liam is an amazing little guy. He LOVES laughing and making us laugh. He loves our doggies and food and lights. He’s on the move—not quite walking but cruising along furniture to beat the band. He loves his Daddy and shrieks when he gets home. He’s traveled with us to New York to meet our family and friends back there that prayed for us and he’s seen his uncle graduate from College in California and has road tripped it to Portland and is about to road trip it to Colorado!

He’s the light of our life and we are really enjoying him and being his parents.

I also wanted to tell you about something we did yesterday to give back. While we were in the hospital on bed rest, we were blessed to work with a high risk OB clinic here in town. We are still in touch with that clinic and decided that in lieu of birthday gifts for Liam, we would donate lockets (pictured below) in Liam’s name to this clinic. The lockets will be given to parents dealing with pregnancy complications and/or loss.

This is near and dear to our hearts, as you know. I’m able to get the lockets at my cost (with my new business), so each one is only $25. If you are interested in donating a locket in Liam’s name, please email me at mckenziek37@yahoo.com. I can take a credit card over the phone. I plan on placing the order by Friday so Thursday is the cutoff to pay.

Thanks again everyone for all your support and prayers and love this past year and a half. It really takes a village and we have the best village!πŸ˜‰

Love you all!













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