My New Biz-Origami Owl

So this is where I’ve been the last 3.5 months, friends. I’ve launched a new business and I’ve been crazy busy. I’ve had 24 “Jewelry Bars” since I signed up in mid-November and I’ve gotten to meet wonderful new people. I’ve had the privilege of building my team to four new {and amazing} designers and I’ve been able to make extra money that has been such a blessing to our family.

I thought I’d share some fun videos and pictures to give you a better idea of what I’ve been up to. Some of you don’t follow me on Facebook so you’ve had no idea what I’ve been up to!

This is an amazing video sneak peek of our new bold, colorful Spring line. We are adding over 150 brand new products including EARRINGS and twistable, interchangeable colored enamel lockets in pink, white, black and Origami Owl blue. If you have about 8 minutes to spare, it’s totally worth your time to check out our new line.

And here is a fun gallery of photos.

So beautiful, huh? If you’re interested in shopping my site, you can click here. If you want to learn more about the business opportunity, you can click here. And if you’d love to hostess a party {in person if you’re local or online if you’re not}, click here and then send me a message so we can get to planning!

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