Happy 2014!

Hi, friends!

It sure has been a while. We had an amazing holiday season—and that’s where I’ve been. For the very first time we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years as a family of three. It was pretty incredible. I remember the holidays being particularly difficult during all of our infertile years of wondering and so to actually share mashed potatoes and squash with him, to hold Liam and decorate our snowflake Christmas tree, to watch him rip open presents, and to say “Goodnight, I’ll see you next year…” all very cool. Very, very cool. Very special, indeed.

My folks have been with us since December 11th. We have had such a wonderful time together. They are naturals. Nana and Poppy BRING IT and little Liam is so loved. He lights up every time they walk in the door.

He is 30″ long now {born at 15 3/4″} and 20 lbs {born at 3 lbs}. Today he turned 10 months old. How is that possible, friends? He is CRAWLING! He crawled for the very first time on Christmas Eve {that will be easy to remember-thanks, kiddo}, and is talking gibberish, flashing his big {still toothless} cheese ball grin, and pretty much able to sit up now on his own. He’s developing a little personality and has a few tricks in his wheelhouse that he things are funny {including blowing bubbles on my neck}, and has also started CRYING when I take something away that he wants.🙂

Jason has applied for a new job. He rocked his pre-interview testing and should be hearing very soon about his interview dates. I’ve also started a new job—I launched my own Origami Owl custom jewelry business {closed down coaching} on November 19th. I mentioned it last time I blogged, but I had no idea how quickly it would take off. I’ve been slammed and super blessed by the new people I’ve met, the extra income I’ve been able to make, and the fun I’ve had as I’ve worked on building my very own business from the bottom up. You can check out what I’ve been up to here or just go shopping right here! And you can follow me on twitter for fun pics, offers and updates @origamikate.

The best part has been working with people to tell their personal stories. I’ve never been huge on jewelry {in fact, when I launched the business I realized I had hardly worn any since Liam was born}, but I loved the personal touch and the fact that you could choose charms and plates and dangles to customize the lockets for you or the ones you loved. Since I’ve started I’ve gotten to work with a customer who made a locket as a tribute to her mother who passed away from breast cancer, a young mother whose doctor tried to convince her to abort her son diagnosed with Down-Syndrome and chose life instead, a friend who had a sister that beat endometrial cancer, a woman who had a horrific bike accident and is just starting to walk again. I’ve gotten to make lockets with pet owners, new mama’s, brides-to-be, and sweet husbands planning surprises for their special ladies. One customer even received her locket and loved it so much, she ordered one that very night for her mom. Every response has been so positive. People have CRIED, and I have too. This is about so much more than jewelry. Jewelry is just STUFF. But people’s stories matter.

Additionally, I’m starting to acknowledge that I was postpartum after Liam. There was a long period of time where the thought of being around people, going anywhere, or even showering EXHAUSTED me to the point of tears. I was not myself for a long period of time. I’m almost done nursing {just drying up} and I think my hormones have really started regulating. Having this business has really challenged me, it’s allowed me opportunities to get out of the house and meet new people {I had 3 craft fairs and 5 Jewelry Bars in 5 weeks AND made $500+ more than my personal goal}. I feel like this opportunity has enabled me to bring together a lot of my skills, talents, experiences, and gifts into one arena—and I feel awesome about it. I love working, I go to bed excited, and I wake up excited! It’s been really good for me, you guys. Being a Mama is my DREAM JOB. And it challenges me mentally and physically and emotionally in ways I never knew it would. AND at the same time, this new business uses different skills and it challenges parts of my brain that haven’t been challenged in a while. Like.

God had to do some convicting when I first started considering doing direct sales. To be honest, I was embarrassed to even consider it. I felt “above it” and didn’t want to be that person/friend/family member that everyone avoided. But as we prayed about it, I got more and more excited and felt like that was where God was calling me. We decided I could do it without being obnoxious, and it’s actually turned out that way. People have really approached me for the most part. This stuff has sold itself {but I’ve also worked really hard too}. Overall, I really feel like this is an opportunity that He has given me to be a blessing to others and to have some extra income for my son, his future, our family and my community. And I’m very thankful.

So that’s that.

Welp. 2014 is here. It’s pretty surreal. I’m about to turn thirty-one. So far 30 has been my favorite year ever. Our marriage is such a blessing to me—we bought a new house—and God gave us Liam. Man. I really am humbled by God’s grace. Last year when I turned 30, I had no idea that my water would break 2 days later. Can you believe that that entire journey we all went on last year started on January 18th? And it’s almost January 18th, 2014? What a difference a year can make.

That’s all for now, my friends. It has been a long while and I have genuinely missed you. I would love to hear from you and know how you are all doing if you get a chance.



4 thoughts on “Happy 2014!

  1. Marta Skrutskie

    I love your posts and love to hear how happy you are. I followed your journey for quite some time. As I was reading this post I was remembering all the milestones that my son went through in his first year. Including waking up on his first birthday with 4 brand new teeth! He is now 14 and I can’t believe the time has flown so fast. Enjoy these years because they are all a blessing as you well know. I was post partum after my daughter was born. They were born 14 months apart. I also didn’t realize it until long after. I’m amazed that doctor’s don’t recognize it with all of the visits that we moms have. Anyway, I am ready to start 2014 on a super positive note. I’ve been looking for a job for a while now ( I am employed so it’s not bad) I just want to get out of my current place because I don’t see the business succeeding any longer. I just keep my head up and keep putting those resumes out. The joy I get out of this situation is the fact that I can still help provide for the family and am learning more and more to put me ahead so when my next job comes around I can be a great asset to the company.

    1. Hey Marta! Thanks for dropping by and sending a note. And thanks for following our journey. It’s so neat to hear from other mamas that have gone before. I keep hearing that the time flies. I sure hope that it flies SLOWLY.🙂 I already can’t believe he’s a year old. Good luck to you with your job hunt. I pray that something has turned up once you last wrote in January.

  2. Michael Finnegan

    Awesome isn’t a big enough word to describe 2013. Liam, our little warrior certainly drew so many people together. My losing Frank n Betty to the west coast was sad. But joyous knowing Liam was going to have great Grandparents around him. My prayers for continued blessings. Happy surprises, joyous moments, continued success and Praises to our Savious Jesus Christ for making all your dreams that came true. Love n Peace xxx

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